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Selected awards, official selections, and markets include: Sundance (short-listed), Nicholl Fellowships (Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences), PBS, American Zoetrope, Independent Film Quarterly, Slamdance, Osaka, Woodstock, Boston, Sapporo, Sarasota, Palm Springs, Cinequest, Bennington Museum.

The Bonsai

Update: September 2022: a new version of my screenplay is out with competitions and readers!

Earlier version: "This script is the most beautifully written script I've read in a long time. The writing itself is phenomenal, the story is fantastic, and the plot points are not only well placed, the characters in each small story are rich with the kind of depth and detail that other authors can only establish over an entire manuscript." -Cinequest Film Festival


I Was a Dancer

In this experimental short film, form and movement become haunting testimony for an elderly Japanese woman who can no longer dance in a local festival. 

Selected awards, official selections, and markets: Sundance (short-listed), Sapporo, Kansai, Crested Butte, Big Muddy, Boston, Cinequest, PBS, Bennington Museum, Sarasota, Woodstock, Palm Springs, Clermont-Ferrand, American Dance Festival.

"Beautiful!" -Roberta Munroe (Sundance Film Festival)

"Sensual!" -Bennington Museum

"This may have been my favorite short film of the show. A very lush piece with lovely music that looks at the exotic attractiveness of dancers contrasted with the invisiblity of older women." -Harvard Library Innovation Lab

Distributed by Oaut! Media/Canada

Trivia: The film was inspired by lo-fi, cinema verite, and experimental work by Chris Marker, Werner Herzog, and others. Footage of a northern Japanese festival is woven with scenes of elderly women to create a loose narrative about aging and memory. Jason lived for many years in northern Japan, where the film takes place, and created both the film and the Japanese music-inspired soundtrack.


Soundtrack here

The Sun is Down

The experimental film for Jason Whiton's winning remix for Yoko Ono celebrates the meaning of her name, "ocean child", with images of sea creatures.

The Jazz/Lounge soundtrack was composed by Jason Whiton around vocal tracks by Yoko Ono and was a winner of the 2009 The Sun is Down Remix Competition held by the Plastic Ono Band. View Here

Awards: Director's Choice Silver Medal for Excellence- Park City Film Music Festival (2010)

Best Mobile Film- New Media Film Festival (2011)

Selected Screenings: Park City, New Media, Microsoft, BWAC Gallery, Showbiz Cafe.

Selected Films

Lennon70 (2010) experimental sound/film collage tribute to John Lennon

The Apples Project/Roads (2005) supervisor for director Jack Criddle (Museum Town)

Silver Beats Revolution (2005) trailer for Beatles tribute band in Tokyo

Out There (1990) experimental short film

Reflections From Another (1989) short animated film

Jason backed films: Good Ol' Freda (Beatles doc), George (Fluxus doc), Wonder Women: The Untold Story of American Superheroines (doc), Lyle (Stewart Thondike drama)

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