JASON WHITON: artist/writer/teacher


Jason Whiton is a writer, artist, educator, and the creator of Spy Vibe, a website devoted to Cold War design and pop culture. With a family background that includes the founder and two presidents of the New York School of Interior Design, the director of a NYC advertising firm, and P.T. Barnum, his path naturally orbited around entertainment and design. Whiton's work as a screenwriter and filmmaker has been recognized by the Nicholl Fellowships (Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences), PBS, Sundance, and other major film festivals. His most recent piece was a music re-mix for Yoko Ono, which developed into an award-winning experimental film. Whiton founded a number of film series programs and has served on curatorial boards to help communities explore cinema history. He hosts a monthly segment about thriller soundtracks for the Cocktail Nation radio series from Australia. Whiton’s publications include Mort Walker Conversations, Talking Mort Walker: A Life in Comics, and contributions to Avengerworld: The Avengers in Our Lives, Rolling Stone, USA Weekend, Photographer's Forum Annual, among others. His photography has been exhibited in galleries in Japan and the US. Contact: spyvibe[at]gmail.com.