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Talking Mort Walker: A Life in Comics

Talking Mort Walker: A Life in Comics is a major accomplishment." -Brian Walker (from the Foreword).


Besides syndicating nine comic strips, including Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois, Mort Walker devoted his life to creating, collecting, curating, and chatting about his one true love- the funnies! Talking Mort Walker: A Life in Comics takes readers on a journey for the first time through Walker's career between 1935-2018, where rare interviews, articles, letters, unpublished photographs, and drawings reveal insights about the child prodigy who grew up to become the Dean of American cartooning.

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From its debut in 1961, The Avengers soon became a worldwide cultural phenomenon, rewriting the rulebook of television drama along the way. It was a revolutionary series that led by example, always playfully pushing the boundaries, twisting perceptions and defying those who wished to pigeonhole it. Despite its lofty achievements, it never forgot that its primary objective was to entertain its audience. And entertain it most certainly did, inspiring successive generations to welcome The Avengers into their hearts. Right from its foreword by pioneering television historian Dave Rogers to its afterword by Jason Whiton of Spy Vibe, Avengerworld celebrates the series, its international fandom and its fans.

Mort Walker Conversations

From University Press of Mississippi: Mort Walker: Conversations collects interviews and articles that span from 1938 to 2004. His engagement with the Museum of Cartoon Art--which he founded--is discussed in these pieces, along with the politics involved in working with cartoonists' unions, artistic communities, and syndications. In these conversations Walker shows how he has managed to keep his art and stories fresh for over seventy years of production.


Other Works

SPYVIBE.COM (creator/writer/2009-present): pop culture, art, design: over three million visitors


USA Weekend, Woman's World, The Instrumentalist, Valley Comic News, Sun, Arcana ComicsInvestigating Culture (Carol Delaney). MOD TALES (editor). 

Rolling Stone, Photographer's Forum Annual, portfolios, publications, solo and group exhibits in galleries in Japan and the US. 


Feature Gallery: The 10th Victim (1965/Marcello Mastroianni, Ursula Andress/Blue Underground)

Additional Writing

Tis Magic: Our Memories of Catweazle (Hidden Tiger Press)

Chris Barber (jazz website)

Miki Zero (novel)

MIKI ZERO is a thriller inspired by recently declassified information from the Cold War and centers around a young woman’s coming of age in the 1960s. Raised as a traditional Japanese country girl, Miki is capable of dazzlingly modern heroics. Drawn into a cloak-and-dagger adventure, she fights a diabolical mastermind, ripping free of her conventional roots, taking on Tokyo in high style, and preserving peace in Japan.


“Jason Whiton has given us a present in the guise of supercool Asian heroine Miki Zero. I, for one, am looking forward to more of her adventures.” - Raymond Benson, author of James Bond continuation novels and The Black Stiletto series.


"With Miki Zero, Jason Whiton blends kick-arse Sixties thrills with surprising tenderness and deep knowledge of Japan. A terrific read." -Jeremy Duns, British journalist and author of the Paul Dark novels.

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